Family Law - Domestic Violence

The breakdown of a relationship can often be accompanied by violent or abusive behaviour towards partners and children.

Domestic violence is not only behaviour which is physically abusive.

 It can include behaviour which is ‘emotionally or psychologically abusive’ in that it intimidates or harasses the other person.

  • Have you been followed in public?
  • Does your spouse or partner remain at home or your workplace when they have been asked to leave?
  • Do you receive repeated phone calls, text messages, emails or contact through a social networking site without consent?

Each of these behaviours are examples of domestic violence. If this is your experience or you are concerned for a family member, contact us.

The Court is able to make orders that restrain a person from contacting you, approaching within a certain distance of you and may make an order which requires a person to vacate a home.

If you have been served with an Application for a Protection Order by the Police, we are able to advise you on the issues that will be considered by the Court and the effect of Orders upon any proceedings in the Family Court for your children.  We regularly represent clients in court proceedings throughout South East Queensland.

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