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Our litigation lawyers are approachable and compassionate but will strongly advocate your position and take pride in their strong track record of securing great results for clients involved in litigation or dispute resolution. Based in the CBD of Brisbane, our offices are located conveniently to all the major courts, commissions and tribunals and our facilities allow for quick and convenient access, whether in-person or online.

We have history acting for a variety of clients in many different kinds of proceedings. For example, we have acted for:

And we have a wealth of experience acting for those clients in a broad range of disputes, including:

Litigation and dispute resolution is intensive and takes a lot of time and energy. We know this, and the approach we take to handling your disputes or litigation matters is to ensure you have the confidence to make good decisions under pressure and follow a strategy that will get the outcome you need.

Our approach to Litigation

Our approach to managing litigation, whether on behalf of plaintiffs, defendants or third parties can be summarised in the following statements:

Select specific targets

Our litigation lawyers are strategic. We identify narrow issues and focus our energy on them. Our team looks for innovative ways to maximise your likelihood of obtaining a favourable resolution quickly and effectively.

Keep the end in mind

Procedural technicalities and performative objections often stand in the way of substantive outcomes. We only take issues that will help you get your outcome. Our litigation lawyers will prioritise navigating you quickly through procedural turbulence.

Resource appropriately

In addition to the technical and strategic expertise of our team of litigation lawyers, we have access to a wealth of knowledge from a number of specialist consultants, both legal and non-legal, or experts as needed. For large matters, we have access to some of the best electronic disclosure resources and litigation support available. We will ensure that the resources you need are tailored to the size and complexity of your case as well as your budget.

Move quickly

Because litigation can be a drawn-out process, it is common to fall into the trap of letting slow periods draw out. We keep pressure on all parties to the litigation to keep the matter moving toward a resolution.

Lighten your burdens

Our litigation lawyers care about our clients and the outcomes they need. We will contact you to keep you updated about the progress of your matter. You can expect to have a clear understanding about the process and that you can have confidence that your matter is being handled by a team that specialises in its fields.

If you are considering whether to take Court action, or if you need to defend court proceedings issued against you, please call us or fill out the form below to arrange a consultation with our litigation lawyers in our Brisbane CBD office or via online conferencing.

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