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Quality legal advice is important, but so is careful implementation of that advice. The right training will ensure that people in your organisation are equipped to make the right decisions. The informative, engaging and relational team development we offer can be an invaluable tool for implementing the advice you receive. If you equip your people well, it can save your business or organisation resources which can be redirected to achieving the outcomes you intend. Engaging us to deliver a workshop or presentation that fits with our advice reduces the scope for misunderstanding and gives you comfort that a high quality of information will be presented to your team.

Compliance-related topics need to be tailored to our audience. We therefore consult with you to explain our approach, discuss the topics and contents of our workshops or presentations and make arrangements to deliver the workshop or presentation, along with appropriate audio/visual content, at the location of your choosing. We also find that the benefits of our workshops and presentations can be enhanced by pairing them with, or using them to launch, new policies and procedures or other workplace programs.

Broadly speaking, our training programs will incorporate, to varying degrees, the following topics:

  • compliance with legislation or other legal requirements
  • management of liability
  • the interests of third parties
  • strategies that can be implemented
  • practical approaches and solutions to technical problems

Our trainers are engaging, innovative and energetic and look to develop a range of ways to present their topics to cater for different perspectives and learning styles.

Training Topics

Some of the training topics we have presented for clients in the past include:

Managing Workplace disputes

Bullying and harassment


Complaints handling and investigations

Codes of conduct

Corporate Governance

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