Frequently Asked Questions

Got Questions? Below are some of the frequently asked questions we receive. If your question isn’t below you can contact us directly or leave a message and we’ll reply to you.


How much will it cost?

To contact us costs nothing. This firm has a policy of endeavouring to provide an accurate estimate of costs before work is undertaken. The more details you can give us at the beginning by email, fax or in writing, the more accurate we can be when providing you with an estimate.

Our fees are usually calculated on the basis of the amount of time spent but, in some situations, a fixed fee can be arranged, a regular retainer fee or fees can be charged by reference to a scale accepted by the courts or a professional organisation. These are a matter for us to negotiate with you and we endeavour to provide all our clients with a service which suits their needs.


Do you do Legal Aid work?

No, we do not do work on the Legal Aid scale.  If you require assistance through Legal Aid you can contact them here.

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