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Many sporting organisations, in addition to their own internal corporate and management structures, have complex relationships with other clubs, district associations and state, national or even international organisations. The context in which they operate usually requires regard to be given to the rules of the game, their own internal management requirements, any membership or affiliation requirements of district, state, national or international bodies and regulatory frameworks governing fundraising, gaming and liquor licensing, health and safety, corporate governance, athlete development and many other governance and operational issues. Experienced sports lawyers know what to look for when navigating these relationships.

Resources and training are available from the Australian Sports Commission, but organisations often require advice which is tailored to their situation. We have developed innovative approaches to structuring sporting organisations to facilitate good governance and management while also maximising opportunities for sporting participation and involvement while meeting the needs of insurers.

We have a deep knowledge of the range of structuring options available for sporting organisations and how those options, or different combinations of those options, can be used to find the right structure for your organisation and build in the right management mechanisms to fit your needs.

If disputes occur, we prioritise and timely and efficient resolution of those disputes. Our experience in dispute resolution and knowledge of the issues related to the structure of sporting organisations have given us a track record of taking highly strategic steps to prevent sporting organisations from becoming caught in protracted and costly litigation.

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Legal Services

We have assisted and advised a wide range of organisations from local clubs and district associations all the way to national bodies with:

Commercial dealings, including:
– Contract drafting and review
Governance and
Constitutions and Legal Structures.

Membership and affiliation disputes


Gaming and liquor licensing issues

Reviewing policies and training in:
– Complaint handling
– Codes of conduct
– Affiliation and
– Privacy


Dispute Resolution, including:
– Complaints handling and investigations and
– Alternative Dispute Resolution.

Insolvency and Restructuring

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