Insolvency and Restructuring

The laws in Australia endeavour to provide a balance, protecting the legitimate claims of creditors on the one hand and not discouraging risk taking and commercial enterprise on the other.

These laws are understandably quite nuanced and tailored to the particular circumstances. There are separate regimes applying for private individuals. These are the laws of bankruptcy. There are other laws that apply in relation to corporate insolvency which deal with company administration and liquidations. In addition to these broader general areas of law there are the laws that apply in relation to mortgages and more generally priority ranking between creditors in the event of financial difficulties. 

There is, though, one general principle that applies across all of these areas of legal practice is that the general principles that the earlier advice is obtained the more that can be achieved for our clients. While for many people financial pressures are in your experience and fraught with uncertainty the lawyers and accountants that work in this area are quite with the issues and can often provide considerable assistance in identifying and implementing options.

Our firm has considerable experience in assisting individuals and corporations these are difficult circumstances. We have also have particular experience in assisting not-for-profit organisations that may find themselves under financial pressure. We can help your board directors navigate the safe harbour provisions of the Corporations Act. If they are not available say because your organisation is a charity that is not incorporated under the Corporations Act we can assist with navigating the general law and equitable issues that arise.

If you are about to embark upon a risky venture we can assist you as a private individual with advice on asset protection and alienation of personal assets from business risks.

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