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Both State and Commonwealth governments legislate and regulate discrimination laws. However, each level of government does not always ensure complete alignment between the operational aspects of these laws. Therefore, equal opportunity and discrimination lawyers need to demonstrate innovation and expertise. Moreover, and most importantly, they must develop approaches to dealing with complex issues that actually make sense in the real world.

Recent high-profile incidents in Australia have garnered significant public attention through the media. Furthermore, media coverage can be intrusive and misinformed. Additionally, it can cause considerable disruption within organisations without providing a comprehensive understanding of the entire story. Consequently, an organisation must therefore take care to balance individual and group rights with clarity, foresight and discretion. These skills go beyond mere technical legal analysis. 

If you mishandle a discrimination matter, your organisation might be exposed to invasive scrutiny. This may include regulators deciding to investigate issues based on public perception, taking up your time and resources. In some cases, adverse publicity has even triggered potential legislative changes.

The difference we make

Our team of discrimination lawyers possesses extensive experience in the area of discrimination and equal opportunity law. Particular, we are experienced assisting religious institutions and schools. We take proactive steps to provide assistance, which include:

  • Drafting and reviewing discrimination policies to ensure legal compliance;
  • Advising individuals or organisations who are facing or are at risk of facing a claim; and
  • Assisting with a complaint process or defending against a claim.

We would be pleased to assist you or your organisation if:

  • You beleive that you have experienced discrimination.
  • Someone has filed a discrimination or harrassment complaint against you.
  • You require advice about obligations imposed by anti-discrimination laws.
  • Your organisation would like assistance drafting and implementing discrimination and harrassment policies and procedures

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Legal Services

Our discrimination lawyers have experience providing advice to ensure that individuals and organisations comply with discrimination laws, including:

Investigating complaints of:

  • employment discrimination
  • discrimination in education
  • discrimination in the supply of goods or services
  • discrimination in club membership

Advising as to:

  • compliance with applicable Commonwealth and State legislation
  • the Disability Standards for Education
  • Trans@School
  • Disability Action Plans
  • Premises Standards
  • National Standards for Disability Services

Conducting complaints or proceedings before:

  • the Queensland Human Rights Commission
  • the Australian Human Rights Commission
  • the Queensland Civil and Administration Tribunal

If you would specific advice, or if you have an issue that is not covered in one of the links, please contact us for more information or to make an appointment with one of our Brisbane-based discrimination lawyers.

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