Family Law - Divorce

Divorce is the legal recognition of the end of a marriage.  It is different to property settlement – the division of assets, liabilities and superannuation.  Only a Court can grant a divorce and when it does there are specific consequences:

• most legal rights end (such as gifts or responsibilities under a will)

• time limits apply for property settlement; and

• you can remarry.

Grounds for Divorce

The irretrievable breakdown of marriage is the only ground for divorce in Australia.

The Court must be satisfied you have lived separately and apart for at least 12 months.  A Divorce Order will not be granted if there is a reasonable likelihood of reconciliation.
The Court can be satisfied you have separated even if you both still reside in the same home.  It is common to continue to live in the same home while a property settlement or care for children is arranged. Our team of family lawyers can guide you through the court process and assist you to gather the necessary evidence to prove to you have separated.

If you have separated but are unable to leave the home because of financial commitments, concerns for your safety or the safety of your children, we recommend you contact our family lawyers to discuss your options.

We understand your need for confidentially and can assist you with Applications for maintenance, interim property settlement, urgent child support or Protection Orders.

If you have lost contact with your former partner we can assist you to locate and serve them with Divorce documents.

“By receiving detailed advice about family law matters at the outset of a separation, you’ll know where you stand and be able to make considered decisions about your children and property.”

Our clients also experience the benefit of advice which goes beyond just family law. The diverse practice areas of Neumann & Turnour Lawyers enable clients to receive the experience and comprehensive services that aren’t possible from firms who only practice family law.

Time Limits After Divorce

If you have filed an Application for Divorce or received a Divorce Order we recommend you contact us immediately.  Strict time limitations apply once you divorce. If you do not take action within those time limits you may lose your right to property settlement.

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