Fresh Revelations From ACNC Australian Charities Report

Written by:

Mark Fowler
15 December 2016

The Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) released its ‘Australian Charities Report 2015’ (the Report) yesterday. The Report highlights some very exciting news about the health of the Not-for-profit sector. Some of the most pertinent of which are noted below.

New Additions

The Report, for the first time, includes:

*  Estimates of the size and shape whole of the charity sector;

*  Estimates of change from one year to the next; and

*  Provides closer analysis of indicators of charity sustainability.

This publicly available information sheds, and will continue to shed, important light on the health of the sector and the scale of work done by charities. Here’s a brief summary for you.

This graphic presents an account of the Australian Charity sector at a broad brush level.


Growth and Size of the Sector

The Report also reveals significant growth in the sector. Significantly, it revealed that Australian’s gave $11.2 billion to charity in 2015, being nearly a 2.5 per cent increase from the previous year. The Report found that the sector’s total income, $134 billion, is equivalent to 8.3% of Australia’s GDP.

Importantly, the Sector also engages a large part of the community. It employed over 1.2 million people nationwide, being approximately 10% of the workforce, and attracted nearly 3 million volunteers to registered charities.

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