Kisane Bird

Kisane Bird brings a wealth of experience to her role as an Accredited Family Law Specialist, having devoted 15 years to the practice of family law. With a nuanced understanding of the field, Kisane adeptly navigates issues including property and parenting matters, de facto relationships, religious wedding recognition, financial agreements, spousal maintenance, child support, domestic and family violence and international family law.

Recognising the emotional toll associated with family and relationship breakdowns, Kisane adeptly combines a compassionate approach with the qualities of a firm and fair advocate. Her commitment lies in providing empathetic guidance while upholding a strong and balanced advocacy to ensure a just resolution for her clients. Focused on fostering early resolutions to alleviate the pressures faced by individuals during such trying times, Kisane not only navigates the legal intricacies with expertise but also brings a fair and considerate perspective to the forefront.

In pursuit of client well-being, Kisane seamlessly combines legal proficiency with her understanding of the personal challenges inherent in family law matters. Her goal remains steadfast – to guide her clients through the demands of the family law system, ensuring they feel both supported and informed.

Qualifications and Memberships