Family Law - Parenting Plan

A Parenting Plan is a private agreement about the care of your children and their future, welfare and development

To provide the best possible care for your children following a separation, you need a plan.

You don’t even need to go to court to arrange a parenting plan.

We can take care of it for you, so you can get on with caring for your children.

Separation and divorce can be a very difficult time for children. They can feel anxious and uncertain about where they belong.

A Parenting Plan provides clarity through a framework for the time they spend in each household and for sharing responsibility for them.  Give your children and each other peace of mind as you move forward during this difficult time.

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What Should I Bring To The First Appointment With A Family Lawyer?

To enable our team of family lawyers to provide you with the best advice quickly, we recommend you bring the following to your first appointment (if you have them):

– Details of your relationship including dates of birth for your partner and children. It is helpful (but not necessary) to bring a copy of your marriage certificate and children’s birth certificates.

– For property issues: details and estimated values of the assets you own, liabilities you owe and superannuation entitlements for you and your former spouse or partner.  If you are unsure about the value of assets and liabilities or your partner refuses to provide you with information, we can work with you to ascertain this information.

– For children’s issues: details of schools your children attend and whether they have any particular medical conditions.

– Copies of any existing Court Orders, Protection Orders or child support assessment.

– If you have attended mediation or Family Dispute Resolution with a Family Relationship Centre or equivalent organisation: a copy of any Parenting Plan you may have signed or the section 60I certificate which has issued.