Estate Planning

It’s not something you like to think about but Estate Planning is very important. It’s making sure your wishes are known and carried out when you die.

It lets your loved ones know who you’d like to handle your affairs and who will receive your estate (inheritance). If you die without a valid Will, default rules apply which may not reflect your wishes and it can make things difficult for your loved ones during their time of grief.

We can tailor a Will to suit your needs and wishes.

You can also authorise people to assist you or to act on your behalf before you die, if you’re unable to do so (due to brain injury, coma etc). An Enduring Power of Attorney authorises someone to make decisions on your behalf about your health, personal care and financial matters. An Advanced Health Directive specifies what type of treatment and medical care you wish to receive while you’re alive.

Wills & Estate Planning

Who'll receive your estate & who'll carry out your wishes when you die?

Enduring Power of Attorney

Who'll make financial or health decisions for you if you're unable to?

Advanced Health Directive

Your preferred medical care.


Who'll get your Super when you die?