State Based Taxes

In certain circumstances, a charity or other not-for-profit may be entitled to exemption or concessions in relation to other state-based duties and taxes.

This may include stamp duty, land tax, payroll tax and, in some circumstances, rates exemptions and concessions.

As these exemptions and concessions are state-based, they can differ significantly from state to state.

There is no uniformity.

Accordingly, separate applications must be made to the relevant revenue authorities or other relevant government agency or department in each state.

If your charity is undertaking property or business transactions in Queensland, Neumann & Turnour Lawyers can assist not just in conducting the transaction on your behalf but also in advising you as to any exemptions or concessions to which you may be entitled and the process for obtaining them.

Neumann & Turnour Lawyers can further assist by drafting the necessary forms and submissions required to satisfy the relevant authorities.
  We have specialist knowledge of Queensland law. 

If your charity and transaction concerns jurisdictions other than Queensland, Neumann & Turnour Lawyers is part of a network of law firms across the country and internationally who can provide advice tailored to the relevant jurisdiction.

Please contact Neumann & Turnour Lawyers to find out more about state-based taxes.

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