Terms of Reference and Panel for ACNC Legislation Review Announced – Dr Matthew Turnour Appointed to Review Panel

The government has today released the terms of reference and names of the reviewers for the ACNC legislation. Dr Matthew Turnour of this firm is one of the reviewers. His role on the Review Panel will be part time and he will continue serving clients throughout next year.

The review is required under legislation and will evaluate the suitability and effectiveness of the ACNC Acts. In particular, the review terms of reference provide that the review should:

  1. Examine the extent to which the objects of the ACNC Acts continue to be relevant.
  2. Assess the effectiveness of the provisions and the regulatory framework established by the ACNC Acts to achieve the objects.
  3. Consider whether the powers and the functions of the ACNC Commissioner are sufficient to enable these objects to be met.
  4. Consider whether any amendments to the ACNC Acts are required to enable the achievement of the objects and to equip the ACNC Commissioner to respond to both known and emerging issues.

We congratulate Matthew on his appointment.

Written submissions from all interested parties in response to the terms of reference are due by 28 February 2018.

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