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The family lawyers at Neumann & Turnour Lawyers represent clients in all areas following the breakdown of a marriage or de facto relationship. Our lawyers have many years experience and provide practical, pragmatic advice about divorceproperty settlement, financial agreements, disputes about the care and custody of children, matters of financial support for children (including child support and appeals), spousal maintenance and restraining orders.

We’ll work with you through mediation and private negotiations. Many clients are able to resolve their family law dispute without the necessity of court proceedings.  Where parties are able to reach agreement, we assist with the preparation of Parenting Plans, Consent Orders for lodgement with the Family Court, Financial Agreements and Child Support Agreements.

If agreement can’t be reached, we’ll advise you about how your issues are likely to be resolved by the Family Court. We take care of all aspects of the court process, from the preparation and filing of documents, through to a trial or appeal.

“By receiving detailed advice about family law matters at the outset of a separation, you’ll know where you stand and be able to make considered decisions about your children and property.”

Our clients also experience the benefit of advice which goes beyond just family law. The diverse practice areas of Neumann & Turnour Lawyers enable clients to receive the experience and comprehensive services that aren’t possible from firms who only practice family law.

We offer expert advice regarding all areas of family law, including:

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